Miss June '75

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Connan Mockasin - It’s Choade My Dear


Connan Mockasin / Faking Jazz Together

#soft ghetto is an incredible tag

just wanted to remind you guys of something you may already know but seldom remember: “this too shall pass” is one of the truest idioms. thats the thing about being a human and occupying a little space of time: everything is fleeting! and that’s scary as hell but in a certain context it can make things feel so much better. yesterday was suuuch a bad day I’ve been feeling stressed and angry and heated with anger for weeks, but then the good came flowing in today and it’s like all that vanished. so whatever it is your feeling right now can and will pass, same goes with happiness, so remember to soak that up and envelop yourself with goodness when you can. as I’ve gotten older and been through more shit I’ve realized that all those cliche sayings have loads of truth behind them, feel every emotion, everything is ethereeeealll listen to the velvet underground


I am stinky but thank you!!! *gives u a tight hug and presses my cheek against yours*

lunar phase